Road Networks

The Gambia has a total road network of less than 3,800 kilometres of primary, secondary, feeder and urban roads, of which about 1,652 kilometres are categorized as ‘primary’ roads with about 75% of these being paved or are in the process of being paved. It was estimated in 1998 that only about 20% of the total network was in good condition, with the remaining 80% varying from fair to poor. Since that time, there have been a number of significant road development projects, funded by the EU and other bilateral donor agencies, and this has enabled the primary road network to be gradually improved to a reasonable standard. The highest priority over the past few years has been given to the development of the primary road system. Especially the North and South bank trunk roads. These are now close to completion with the collaboration bilateral donors and international organizations. Apart from the Laminkoto-Passimus Road, for which expressions of interest has been received for the consultancy services, the remaining link on the trunk road will be the Basse-Fatoto and Fatoto-Koina road links.

Trunk Road Network

Road Maintenance

The NRA is responsible for the maintenance of the total length of the country’s road network which is estimated to be in the order of 3,740 km. Comprising 1,652 km of principal roads, 1,300 km of secondary roads (sealed and un-sealed) and 790 km of other roads (earth/laterite).

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