Road Safety

Safety on the road

Traffic accidents in The Gambia are almost certainly under-reported, since not all accidents are reported to the traffic police, plus the definition of traffic fatality in The Gambia is reportedly not the same as the international convention used for comparison purposes. (In The Gambia, a traffic fatality is defined as death in the accident scene).

Road safety research has determined that a factor of 1.30 should be applied to the number of deaths occurring at the accident site in order that overall fatality rates may be compared with other countries. Therefore, The Gambia’s traffic fatality statistics are likely higher, possibly by about 30% or more, than the official figure. The incompatibilities mentioned above are therefore enough justifications of the need for The Gambia to tally up with other countries regarding the collection, analysis and interpretation of road accident data so that a true picture of the road safety situation in the country can be correctly depicted. It is only when the real safety situation is shown that the rightful remedies can be instituted to curb the menace.