Signs and Billboards

Traffic Volumes

The impact of traffic volume, classification and Axle load to a greater extent are directly proportional to the design life of all classes of roads. In The Gambia, traffic flows are low on most inter-urban and feeder roads (200-250) vehicles per day (ADT), with most rural feeder roads carrying less than 100 vehicles per day (ADT). Road traffic flows are significantly higher on the urban and peri-urban roads serving Banjul through the Kombos. Sections of the two-lane Senegambia, Westfield to Yundum dual carriageways and the Westfield to Sukuta two-lane highway operate at virtual capacities during peak weekday traffic periods, while urban roads in the Banjul/Brikama/Barra areas carry about 2,400 vehicles per day (ADT). In general, road traffic flows are considerably higher on roads in the west of The Gambia, particularly on the south bank road in close proximity to Banjul.

Factors considered for approval of billboard erection

1. Proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

2. Provisions of the current Planning Regulations

3. Number of signs/billboards/street light advertisements already in existence at the proposed location.

4. Safety of pedestrians and road users

5. Approvals granted will be subject to an annual renewal fee – payable in January of each year.

6. It will be the responsibility of the applicant to maintain the sign/billboard/street light advertisement for the duration of the period of approval. Should the sign/billboard structure cause an obstruction or become dangerous the NRA may withdraw the approval and require the owner to remove the sign/billboard/street light advertisement at his or her own expense.

7. Billboard signs shall have a minimum setback of 15meters from the centreline of all highways to avoid any obstruction.

8. There should be at least 20meters between 2 billboards.



Sizes Billboards on TDA area Billboards on HW area
2mx1m D3,000 D500
4mx4m D5,000 D2,000
6mx3m D6,500 D3,000
8mx4m D8,000 D4,000
10mx4m D9,000 D4,500
12mx4m D10,000 D5,000
Street light & Signboards
Sizes for streetlight 1.5mx2m D1,500

For a more detailed understanding, feel free to download the file below:

You will find enclosed: 

  1. Application form
  2. List of fees

Application Billboards

The construction and erection of billboards along the roads follow an explicit set of rules and guideline. These rules also depend on the area where the billboards are being erected. To ensure that you are doing it right and avoid any violation  please read the attached document for a detailed guideline on the different categories and the attached penalties for violations.




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