Bund Road

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The Design and Build contract for the rehabilitation of Bund Road was signed on 19th April 2012 between MoTWI and COPRI Enterprises for a sum of GMD 73,971,456.02. The Contract Duration is 14 calendar months.

The financiers are Gambia Government 60%, Gambia Ports Authority 30% and Banjul City Council 10%. To this end, the Contractor will undertake soil investigation, detailed pavement design and topographic surveys.  .



The total length of the road is 3km.

The specifications of the contract are as follows:

  1. Reinforced concrete on carriageway of 7.0 metres with 1.5metres wide double surface dressed sidewalks on either sides of the carriageway.
  2. 10mm reinforcement steel bars at 200mm centres both ways.
  3. Concrete curbstone at the edge of the road shoulder (curb size 300x200mm)


Progress on this project had suffered significant delay which was the contractor’s fault. MoTWI and NRA did their best to assist the contractor but no improvement was achieved from the contractor’s performances. It was later realized that the contractor suffered financial setbacks that he could no longer perform. The contract was therefore terminated under the basis of nonperformance. The project was retendered with M A.  Kharafi being the successful contractor to complete the remaining works at a sum of  GMD67,703,873.20 (Sixty Seven Million Seven Hundred Three Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Three and Twenty). Work is expected to commence immediately after the rainy season when procurement processes are complete and approval given to commence.