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The road project starts at SoutoumaSireh (on the Soma – Basse Highway) to the entrance of Gambisara Village in Basse. It is expected to link the communities of SotumaSireh, Gambisara, DembaKunda Koto and DembaKundaKuta (all in the Jimara District) and BasseMannehKunda in the Fulladou District of the Upper River Region. The road also extends to some villages in the Cassamance region of Senegal.

The construction of the said road is in fulfillment of the promise made by the President of the Republic, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yaya AJJ Jammeh to the community of Gambisara, during the 2015 nationwide “meet the people” tour.

Following an executive directive for the construction of the road, two reputable Contractors were invited to a site visit following which each of them was requested to submit a design and cost

estimate for the construction of the road. Of the invited Contractors, only AREZKI SA made a submission which was subsequently reviewed and approved by NRA. A request for approval on single sourcing of the works to AREZKI SA was sent to the Office of the President to which approval was granted prior to the commencement of implementation activities.


The Contractor shall execute and complete the construction of the 6.2km long, 10m wide road. The works to be executed are described below:

  1. Removal of existing obstructing structures and relocation of services;
  2. Accommodation of traffic, construction and maintenance of detours when necessary and the maintenance of existing road;
  3. Rehabilitation of existing and new material quarries, borrow pits, and detours; and making good the road reserve area;
  4. Cut and formation of Subgrade layer in case of cut sections;
  5. Scarification and compacting of the existing Subgrade level before adding new embankment layers and formation of new Subgrade layer in case of fill sections
  6. Construction of pavement sub-base and base layers. Application of 50 mm Asphalt Concrete surfacing layer.
  7. Construction of new drainage structures;
  8. Miscellaneous road furniture works (i.e., road .marking, signage, etc.);
  9. The Construction of intersections to channelize traffic.
  10. Adherence to all country laws and Consultant recommendations pertaining to labor and environmental protection;
  11. Maintenance of the works for duration of 365 calendar days.




Works Contract Information

 Contract No    MOTWI/SC/SG-001
Duration  6 months
Notice to commence August 2015
Contract value (Gambian Dalasi GMD) 155,356,823.03
Funding Government of The Gambia


An advance payment of GMD 46,607,046.91 representing 30% of the contract sum and an interim payment of GMD 80,150,640.31 was also paid


The earthworks have been successfully executed with the subgrade, sub-base and base layers practically complete from CH 0+000 – CH 6+200. A surplus of about 3cm of laterite was provided for final cutting on the base layer prior to priming.

Pavement layer Composition

Subgrade layer 100%
Sub-base layer 100%
Base Course 98%
Hot-Mix Asphalt Surface 0%


There are eight culverts in total including one triple-cell culvert in Gambisara. It was decided to add two additional culverts and three Irish crossings based on observations made during the rainy season regarding the volume of storm water at the selected locations. The construction started with excavation, blinding concrete and casting of the reinforcement mat for the proposed Irish crossings. The construction of all concrete structures is complete with the exception of roadside drains that may be required in Gambissara.



  1. Roadside Drains in Gambisara
  2. Further analysis is required for the implementation of concrete side drains in Gambisara town. Construction drawings for additional drainage structures are to be submitted for approval prior to implementation of works.
  3. Surfacing
  4. Upon final cutting of base layer, tack coat is to be applied prior to the laying of Asphaltic concrete as the wearing course. Shoulders are to be sealed with double surface dressing.
  5. Erosion Control Works
  6. Embankment Slope Protection

This will entail the protection of the road embankment slopes on high embankments and where stagnation of storm water had been observed during the rainy season.

  1. Rip Rap Protection for drainage structures

The use of suitable boulders and mortar for the protection of drainage structures i.e Irish crossings, culverts and drains

  1. Road Furniture

Road furniture such as markings and highway signs are to be implemented upon completion of surfacing. Road safety measures to be implemented are expected to include marker posts, kilometer posts and reflective studs.