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The contract for the rehabilitation of Sting Corner was signed on 19th April 2012 between MoTWI and COPRI Enterprises for a sum of GMD 67,081,158.52. The Contract duration is 16 calendar months.


The scope of involve the full rehabilitation of the sections of the existing road and the construction of a new by-pass and including the following:

1            Excavation of muddy material

2          Enlargement of intersections;

3          Construction of new Median & Islands;

  1. Enlargement of existing section to dual carriageway with Streetlights
  2. Road furniture
  3. Raising the embankment of section of road within the swampy area and associated works.
  4. Construction of street lights and reinforced concrete pavement over the swampy area.



The existing sections of the Sting Corner road have been completed including the 540m long new by-pass and median Islands off the swampy area. The main outstanding work is the rehabilitation of the 425m long swampy section. The intervention to be done in this section will involve the construction of a higher embankment and adequate drainage facilities to prevent overtopping of the road during inclement weather conditions.

As with Bond Road, the contractor was unable to do any further works at this location due to the same constraint. Likewise, his contract on this project was also terminated on the basis of nonperformance and a retender was launched for the completion of the outstanding works.

As the successful bidder, Arezki SA was awarded the contract for the completion of the outstanding works at a sum of GMD105, 996,256.00 (One Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Six).

The contract was signed on 4th June 2016 and works have commenced following advanced payment of GMD 31,789,876.80 representing 30% of the contract sum. Interim payment certificate no.1 amounting to GMD29, 557,586.45 has been submitted by the contractor and verified by NRA and sent to MOFEA for payment. Work progress is estimated at 70%.