Official Opening Sene-Gambia Bridge

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President Adama Barrow alongside his counterpart Macky Sall, president of the Republic of Senegal, has  preside over the inauguration of the Trans-Gambia Bridge, Office of the President announced.

The bridge is one of the biggest in the sub-region with a length of 1.9 kilometres and over five storeys high. It is designed to be a tolled-bridge that would accommodate the passage of most vessels, while longer-mast boats can easily fold their masts to pass under the bridge. Fifty seven percent of workers are Gambians, eighteen per cent expatriates, and twenty per cent other ECOWAS citizens.

The potentials of a bridge at BambaTenda – YelliTenda crossing prompted President Barrow and other Senegambian leaders before him to support this major infrastructural development project for the benefits of the peoples of both countries; and by extension the entire region. “Thus, it is with delight that the President takes great pride in overseeing the completion and inauguration of a pan-African project that captures the interest of several sub-regional leaders since the immediate post-independence era.”